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Where are you NOW, Huntington North Alumni, former Bluffton Coach

Keaton Irwin was is a 2014 alumni of Huntington North High School and coached in the Bluffon Tiger Basketball program

Keaton and Bailey Irwin

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Keaton's Parents Krista and Rob

Senior Night 2014

Its in his blood sports, family and community

Keaton Irwin is a 2014 graduate of Huntington North and is the son of Rob Irwin & Krista Nicholson.

Keaton is married now to Bailey Ann Irwin, they live in Kearney Nebraska where he works for the State of Nebraska in government and economical development.

Influences in your life:

“My parents as well as my wife have had a major influence in my life. They have consistently provided support and inspired me to set lofty goals in which have allowed me to grow as a person. They have encouraged me to pursue my dreams all while challenging me to be the best individual I can be. Secondly, Chris Benedict has had a tremendous influence on my life. Without his support, I know I would not be where I am today. He has directly and indirectly taught me life lessons through hard work and dedication to a craft.

He has provided support and encouragement throughout various highs and lows and has inspired me to pursue anything I do with a vigorous passion.”

What have you been doing:

Upon graduation, I attended Grace College playing one season on their men’s basketball team prior to transferring to IPFW where I completed my degree. Throughout, I coached boys’ basketball at Columbia City High School as well as Bluffton-Harrison MSD. In 2018 my wife, Bailey, and I moved to Kearney, Nebraska where she is in the final stages of completing her Masters Degree in Speech Language

Pathology. We recently purchased our first home and are now looking forward to starting our family in Nebraska.

Where are they now is a monthly feature coming from you from Greenbear The Den, if you would like to submit someone for consideration please email The Den at for more information.

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