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Huntington Native to Compete in the International United Miss Pageant

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Bailey Godfrey heads to Orlando this weekend

Hat Tip Valerie Clarkson

Who at the age of 21, has already explored nine different countries, is the current Miss. North Carolina, this traveler world traveler is Bailey Godfrey. Her passion for exploring new places has taken her to quaint villages and vibrant cities across Europe.

This has provided her with an unforgettable experience of diverse cultures and travel styles. Despite her young age, this adventurous spirit has accumulated a wealth of memories and stories that would make even the most seasoned travelers envious. Her love for travel is matched only by her passion for beauty pageants, which she has participated in since she was 10. The most recent pageant win is while a student at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, a testament to her beauty and grace.

At just 21 years old, she has already explored nine different countries, those being England, France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands, she is thrilled to continue her adventures! Each place she has visited has left a lasting impression on her, from the fascinating cultures to the delicious local cuisine. During her time in France, she was captivated by the exquisite blend of modern and traditional since she is a student now at Wake Forest. She was enriched by the Pre-Med program abroad since the school was gifted a nearly $1,000,000-dollar house in London. Wake Forest created a chemistry program, especially for students needing prerequisites for medical school.

In Scotland, she learned the history of Edinburgh, including the cemetery J. K. Rowling used for the Harry Potter books. She also traveled to Belgium to a chocolate museum where they taught her how to make chocolate.

Since she was 10, she has been involved in beauty pageants. Her latest win being crowned Miss North Carolina entitles her to compete at the International United Miss in Orlando in July. Her platform is addiction awareness. She has chosen this because of her firsthand experience with family members who suffer from addictions.

Her philosophy is "A crown on the head will last a year, but a crown on the heart will last a lifetime."

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