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Smith one step away from American Idol finals

Wabash native Zachariah Smith one step closer to title shot

Zachariah and Crysta (Photo courtesy of Crysta Smith)

Zachariah and his mom Deborah Smith (Photo courtesy of Crysta Smith)

Hat Tip Valerie Clarkson

Zachariah began to sing when he was 5 years old, began singing in Church when he was 7 and he was song leader at his Church till he graduated High School.

In speaking with Zachariah’s mom Deborah on Monday May 8th she is so excited that Zachariah made the top 5. Deborah said, “I Screamed, Yes Jesus Thank You! “I was so relieved that Ryan Seacrest (the host) said Zachariah’s name first!” “The waiting to hear his name is very strenuous on a mother.”

His wife Crysta screamed also she said, “That her and her daughter held hands and we prayed that the Lord would please just announce his name first so all worries would disappear, and we could just celebrate.” “Literally five seconds later, Ryan announced Zachariah’s name, my daughter and I both looked at each other and said Thank you Lord Jesus!” After Zachariah’s name was announced, everyone started texting her.

Zachariah and his family got to visit Disneyland two days. Zachariah said, “Disneyland you were a dream!!!”

“My family had the best time!!!” The top 5 will be singing all Disney songs, Sunday, May 14, 2023. This episode will feature the top 5. Everyone will get to see what Katy Perry will be wearing this year. In the past years she has worn: Snow White in 2018, Ursula in 2019, Mrs. Jumbo in 2020, Tinker Bell in 2021 and Ariel. What’s your guess? Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Ryan Seacrest have always enjoyed playing along with Katy’s Disney design. Actress/Singer, Sofia Carson will be the mentor for the Top 5 on Disney Night. At the end of this episode only three will go on. Be sure to watch and vote. The top three will be announced at the end of the show. So, let’s make sure that Zachariah is in the Top 3!

Zachariah has been very busy between Disneyland visits, rehearsing and cutting his first CD with his song, “American Grace”. Zachariah will be singing two,

Disney songs. One is from the Lion King, “Just Can’t Wait to Be King” the other from Cars, “Life is a Highway”. So, remember to watch American Idol on Sunday, May 14, 2023, for Disney Night at 8:00 pm. Remember to vote for Zachariah at:

American Idol App

Text to 21523

Voting will start at 8:00 pm Eastern Time and will end at the last commercial.

Zachariah needs your votes, so he can be in the Top 3 and come back to Wabash, Indiana for a Concert and Parade for hometown visit.

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