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New Life Community Meal Ministry Serves area for 10 years

Santa visits Christmas Eve

The Den's MIssy Gentis

Bob Burnsworth has served with the New Life Community Meal Ministry for 10 years. He was appointed director 3 years ago. They provide a free daily meal to those in need every day of the year. Approx. 35-50 people are served daily and 18,000 - 21,000 meals are served annually. Food donations from KFC, Subway, The Meat Shop, Parkview Hospital and Ft.Wayne State St. Kroger are regular supporters. Additional supporters include donations from 4-H hog producers, Sportsmobile and Transwheel assisting in monthly expenses and maintenance.  Bob says that if you or anyone that you know would like to help out in any way, whether it be to donate or volunteer, it would be greatly appreciated. Any leftover food from an organization event,

canned food, paper products including toiletries are greatly appreciated.  They have a large demand for volunteer prep cooks, volunteers and suppliers to install some new flooring as well as an efficient water heater. The building has a large dining room, tables and chairs (donated from our local KFC after remolding), a service area, a kitchen area with a prep room with large refrigerators and 5 meat freezers, and a back storage room with metal racks for  canned goods and other staples.  

If you would like to stop in and  see about volunteering or offer your assistance in any way,  the address is: New Life Community Meal Ministry   323 N Jefferson St Huntington. Free Meals Daily: Monday-Friday - 6-7 pm

Saturday - Sunday - 5-6 pm

 Or Bob can be reached at 260-519-3637

Santa will appear on Christmas Eve 6-7 pm

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