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Huntington North's JROTC's Elizabeth Thomson Recieves Scholarships

Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Elizabeth Thomson has been a part of the JROTC program for two years. She has received multiple 3-year scholarships from the National ROTC scholarship board, Indiana Wesleyan, Indiana University Bloomington & Indianapolis, and Ball State University, and an additional $20,000 incentive at I.U. Post-high school, she plans to attend Indiana University Bloomington, majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Religious Studies, while participating in the campus’s ROTC program.

Throughout her high school career, she received the Daughters of the American Revolution Award, earned a silver ranking in 3 cadet challenges, a gold ranking at state for vocal and oboe performance.  Elizabeth participated in an acapella choir for five years, band for seven years, JROTC Raider for two years, JROTC Color Guard for two years, and dance for 13 years.  She has also had the opportunity to serve as the Team Captain for the JROTC varsity Raider team.  Her leadership led her team to the Indiana Raider State Championship and Raider Nationals for the 2023 school year. 

She has received the following awards and recognitions through the JROTC program; the Parade Ribbon, Color/Honor Guard Ribbon, Physical Fitness Ribbon, Varsity Athletic Ribbon, and the Color Guard, Raider, and Orienteering Arcs. In her two years of participating in the JROTC program, she has earned over 92 hours of community service. Elizabeth also works at a local bakery and often plays cello at various churches, rotary meetings, or holiday events.

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