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Huntington North's Hayden Beard heads to Indiana Wesleyan University

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Hayden Beard

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Hayden Beard has been an active member of the JROTC program for four years. Hayden was chosen to be the Huntington North High School JROTC Executive Officer for the 2023-2024 school year.  Hayden has also worked and is working part-time as a Jailer for the Huntington County Sheriff’s Office; a certification he earned during his participation in the Criminal Justice class. 

Hayden has also been an active member of the JROTC S4 Staff function, Raider, Color Guard, and football team. He is a devoted member to Hope Rising Wesleyan Church. 

In 2024, he was announced the 2024 Heisman award winner for the high school.  Hayden has received acceptance into Indiana Wesleyan University ROTC program with a three-year scholarship along with a $44,000 IWU scholarship to study criminal justice. Awards and recognitions that Hayden has received are the VFW Cadet of the Year Award, Academic Achievement Award, Adventure Team Ribbon, Volunteer & Senior Volunteer Ribbon, Leadership Development Service Ribbons 1- 4, Parade Ribbon, Color/Honor Guard Ribbon, Physical Fitness Ribbon, Varsity Athletic Ribbon, and the Color Guard and Raider Arc.  During his four years of JROTC, Hayden has completed over 235 hours of community service.


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