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HNHS's Didion Heading to the Citadel

Updated: May 20

Cadet Colonel Tate Didion has been an active member of the JROTC program for four years. Tate was chosen to be the Huntington North High School, JROTC, Battalion Commander for the 2023-2024 school year.  Tate has also served as the President of the National Honor Society (2023-2024), and the JROTC Executive Officer (2022-2023).  He has received multiple three and four-year scholarships from Indiana-Wesleyans, Purdue University, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. 

However, post-high school, he will transfer these scholarships to the military service academy, the Citadel, where he has been accepted.  During the 2024 summer, he will attend the Citadel Success Camp allowing him to get a jump start on his credits, prior to starting his freshman year.  Awards and recognitions that Tate has received are the Legion of Valor award, Daughters of the American Revolution Award, Distinguished Cadet award for Scholastic Excellence, Volunteer & Senior Volunteer Ribbon, Leadership Development Service Ribbons 1- 4, Parade Ribbon, Color/Honor Guard Ribbon, Physical Fitness Ribbon, Varsity Athletic Ribbon, and the Color Guard and Raider Arc. 

During his four years of JROTC, Tate has completed over 274 hours of community service.

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