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Vikings Hosler heads to St Francis

Huntington Norths Aidan Hosler signs with St Francis for Football.

Aidan Hosler son of Ryan and Kriston Hosler will be attending the University of Saint Francis to continue his education and his football career.

Aidan has played football for 12 years and also enjoys, Soccer, Baseball, 4-H, Youth Group, Youth For Christ, Campus Life and Huntington North Student Radio

Future plans: I plan to play football for 4 years and then get a job teaching High School P.E. and coaching of whatever sport I can first. I would like to work my way up in a school system and eventually become a high school athletic director.


Multiple NE8 All-Conference honors in Soccer and Football, Named to All-Region team and National Honor Society.

Aidan finds inspiration in his 3 brothers and his family. Growing up in a house with 3 brothers there’s always going to be some sort of competition and my brothers and my parents have always pushed me to be the best I can be and play at the highest level I possibly can.

Favorite Athletic Memory:

My favorite athletic memory believe it or not was tearing my ACL in basketball season my Junior year. It may seem like a horrible thing to happen in an athlete’s career; but to be honest it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have obtained a different type of love for what I do and a new level of hard work that I don’t think I ever would’ve gotten if I wouldn’t have gotten hurt that day in February of 2019.

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