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South Adams JV wins at Norwell


Norwell High School

Ossian In.

South Adams 31 – Norwell 18

Touchdowns for the Knights were a 2 yard run by Marquez Carlisle, a 12 yard TD pass from Lleyton Bailey to Cale Mallery and a 3 yard TD run by Drew Ringger. Defensively Kline Neuenschwander had an interception, and Riley Windsor and Hudson Kahn both recovered fumbles.

Enjoy some sneak peek game photos

Enjoy these sneak peek photos, the full photo album will be posted the evening of 9-17-2019 at Greenbear Photography on Facebook. All photos on Facebook may be downloaded, tagged or shared free of charge courtesy of Crossroads Pantry Markle-Warren-Geneva

By Clicking the link you will enter The Greenbear Video Den, see running plays, passing plays, TD's picks and more.

You may download these videos free of charge courtesy of Crossroads Pantry

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