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Schell signs to play hockey

Future HNHS graduate signs with Purdue Northwest

Xavier Schell son of Chris and Kendra Schell will continue his education and Hockey career at Purdue University Northwest. Along with hockey Xavier enjoys Fishing, golf, youth group.

Schell’s role model is Kaleigh Schrock, he has been Xavier’s coach for the last 2 years. He has inspired be because he shows up and is ready to work everyday. He has pushed me to my personal best and encouraged me to go hard.

Favorite Athletic Memory: The best memories are hanging out with all the boys on the teams I’ve played on and all the travel trips, but the number 1 memory is winning the State Hockey Championship Class 1A in 2018.

A 9 year hockey veteran, Xavier spent 4 years playing baseball in his younger years. Played with the Heat for a year, then turned in my bat and glove for stick and puck.

These photos and more will be available 4-24-2019 at Greenbear Photography on facebook courtesy of Nicks Kitchen.

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