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Outside the Huddle Fan Vote Winners For 2019-2020 Girls’ Season

Outside the Huddle, a Fort Wayne based site devoted to coverage of the region’s high school football and basketball, recently gave girls basketball fans an opportunity to issue their own end of the season awards, via a vote through their site, for each of the area’s conferences.

Voting for the NE8 conference, which includes, Columbia City, New Haven, Dekalb, Bellmont, Huntington North, Norwell, East Noble and Leo, concluded with the Huntington North Lady Vikings taking home 4 top finishes.

Freshman Taylor Double claimed “Breakout Player of the Year” with a 5,589 to 4.751 vote victory over Dekalb’s Maddie Hickman.

Junior Reece Colclesser captured the title of “Most Underrated” via her 2. 170 vote total. Lauren Bales followed Colclesser with 104 votes.

First year Lady Viking coach Matt Hinds took home “Coach of the Year” honors, outdistancing Norwell’s Eric Thorton 375 votes to 125.

Huntington North was crowned fan favorite to wrangle next season’s conference title, by virtue of their 344 votes. Norwell was second with 109

The Norwell versus Bellmont game that took place on February 8th was the fan pick for “Game of the Year”, while Bellmont’s Meghan Busick garnered the fan nod as “Most Valuable”

To view the results in their entirety, you can visit

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