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Norwell tops Indian Springs in a dogfight.

January 8th 2019---

Norwell Middle School---

Ossian In---

Skyla Tomasek scoring the game winning shot at the Norwell MS vs Indian Springs game.

Adaleigh Archabold (12) icing the match in the final seconds

Go to Greenbear Photography on facebook for the full album. All photos may be tagged, shared or downloaded free of charge courtesy of Jill M. Denman Attorney at Law,,,, Patrick Mericle photographer

Kensey Mabie eyeing down the rim for a free throw attempt.

The Norwell Lady Crusaders defeated a talented Indian Springs Eagle 8th grade team 38-34 at Norwell. After a seesaw battle the issue was settled when Slyla Tomasek drove the lane with less than 15 seconds remaining for the win.

Adaleigh Archabold (12) icied the match in the final seconds with a pair of free throws.

The full albums are typically available at Greenbear Photography of Facebook by noon the next day after posting

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