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Norwell's Tourney signs with Spring Arbor

Sarah Tourney signs to attend Spring Arbor to continue her education and to play softball

Sarah Tourney daughter of Robin and Jerome Tourney signed with Spring Arbor University to continue her education and play softball.

Sarah’s future plans are to studying exercise science while playing softball at Spring Arbor. “Once I graduate, I hope to go into graduate school so I can become a physical therapist.” In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends, volunteering, and spending time with my family, including my cat Jolly.

Sarah has played softball for 8 years and is also a golfer.

She finds inspiration in her brother,

My brother (Jacob) inspires me to work hard and push through hard times. He is the reason I push myself to be the best student and athlete that I can be, so that I can make him proud. He comes to every game, no matter the gruesome weather, to watch me play. I can’t thank him and my family enough for the love and support.”

A memory

My favorite athletic memories are the bus rides home from a good win. My team plays music super loud and we all have a small concert on the bus to celebrate the victory.

My brother, Jacob, is the reason I want to be a physical therapist. He has a physical disability, and I hope that one day I can help him and change the lives of others.

Sarah with a few of her friends

About Spring Arbor University

The campus in Spring Arbor, Michigan, is home to our traditional undergraduate students, with 70+ majors and programs offered. It is also home to a wealth of caring faculty and staff and a rich history of academic and spiritual excellence.

An SAU education is relational, deep and rewarding. And it’s an education with a life-changing difference — Jesus Christ at the center of it all.

Here, your studies won’t only earn you a degree. They’ll equip you with a mission. One that brings the light of Christ into our jobs, relationships and communities.

At SAU, we bring the light of Christ into everything we do. Our tight-knit campus community fosters spiritual, intellectual, whole-person transformation within our students, staff and faculty.

What does a liberal arts education provide? Critical thinking skills. Problem solving abilities. A wide base of knowledge. Expression and reason. It’s an education SAU raises to a higher level by focusing on Christ as the perspective for learning.

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