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Norwell MS/HS Honors our Veterans

Thank you all so much for helping with, and/or attending the Veterans Day Program.

The custodial staff worked to get chairs in the right areas, open the doors early, and make sure everything was running smooth.

National Junior Honor Society members and the Boy Scouts welcomed the veterans as they entered the building. Dean Stephens, Scoutmaster, led the prayer before meals. The food was great as usual – many of our guests asked us to “please thank the cooks” J Their favorite is always the coffee cake :)

Thanks to all staff members who attended and schmoozed with our guests! The veterans really enjoyed the interaction with students and staff.

The wall of honor in the cafeteria looks really nice – thank you Leonda! The uniform display by the high school office is the perfect way to bring attention to those who serve and the reason we celebrate them.

The American Legion Honor Guard and the Boy Scouts did a great job leading the parade of veterans. The scouts carried a flag for each military branch!

What beautiful voices! The Edmiston girls, Makayla, Emily and Shawna, did an amazing rendition of the National Anthem.

The veterans all like to see and hear the amazing musical performances by Norwell students!  The sound system & videos worked great, and Rick and his crew had it ready to go so quickly! Our bands and showchoir are top notch, and the directors are very professional. You can tell they all love what they do! Shawna Edmiston, Reese Schwartz, Maddy White and Makayla Grant did a great job on the solos! Again … beautiful voices!

Thanks to Carla, Amy & Cory for working to find the perfect music for the program! Taps is always emotional for our veterans – and many of us as well. It was performed beautifully by Emma Lyons.

Carey Smith did a great job reading the proclamation. I heard the veterans were happy to hear that things are moving in a positive direction, and that treatment for their physical, mental and emotional well-being has been moved to the forefront. THEY are a priority; THEY are an important part of our past, present and future!

Our speaker was appreciated by all – Fritz is a very nice and humble man with lots of knowledge and experience! Heard from many that they were especially touched when families of the military were acknowledged for their sacrifice and support as well as our veterans.

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