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Updated: Sep 25

Don't read about history, BE part of history!

Your business will echo for generations.

When you are a Greenbear partner, the community takes notice! Our photos do NOT end up in the recycle bin or get rolled up until next year. There is not a better or more efficient way to stay in the public eye. How else can you get noticed in cell phones, tablets and computers all in one place?

What do we do?

We photograph area sports and events, put our partners name on the photos, and let our fans tag, share or download them - courtesy of you.

Who do we cover?

Public High schools and Middle schools in Huntington and Wells Counties, city and county events and more.

When do we cover events?

Some days it feels like we work 6 1/2 days a week.....but it's what we LOVE to do!

Where do we go?

Primarily in Huntington and Wells counties, but our coverage is constantly expanding.

Why do we do it?

Our slogan is "Your Personal Historian" and we love the legacy we are building. Parents have told us several times "Thanks, because of you we get to watch the game."

How do we do it?

With strategic scheduling, we strive to cover every sport and more.

Enjoy these photo samples

These memories will last for future generations.

How a partnership works: you choose an available listed event. You choose your package, your county of coverage, and half of your game totals to your desired school. The other half will be decided by Greenbear but will stay in your desired county. We photograph the game or events, list them on Facebook with your watermark and allow free sharing, downloading and printing of each photo.

2021 Sponsorship Packages

Red 200 photos and a minimum of 2 games $300.00

You choose one game/event - we choose the other

White 400 photos and a minimum of 4 games $475.00

You choose two games or events - we choose the others

Blue 700 photos and a minimum of 7 games $750.00

You choose three games or events - we choose the others

Green 1000 photos and a minimum of 10 games $950.00

(photo totals are minimums; actual totals are expected to be higher)



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