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Huntington Firefighters helping in the fight against Cancer

Make a donation to Huntington County Cancer Services

Across the United States and Canada, fire fighters are wearing pink

to support the fight against breast cancer. Fire fighters exposed to carcinogens and other chemicals while on the job are disproportionately diagnosed with breast cancer – just one of many cancers linked to the work fire fighters do. With one in eight women diagnosed each year, an estimated 304,010 new cases of breast cancer and 45,920 deaths will be reported in 2018. Among all women affected, 85 percent have no family history.

Fire fighters are motivated to get involved for many reasons, and often it’s because they have been personally affected by the disease.  Local 680 members support breast cancer awareness and prevention by encouraging others to give so that no breast cancer patient goes without life-saving treatments or having hope for a cure.

Huntington Firefighters Association local 680 is donating all the proceeds from the shirts sold for breast cancer awareness month in October to Huntington County Cancer Services. A wonderful organization that does great work through out our community.

Hat Tip

Jason Meier Huntington Firefighters Association local 680

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