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Huntington FD Promotes Two Swears in One

July 13th 2020

Huntington In.

Huntington Mayor Richard Strick

and Huntington Fire Chief Tony Johnson

Andrew Laymon

Andrew was Born and raised in Huntington on his family farm. He is a graduate of Huntington North and has been working at Ironclad Excavating. He is also a member of the Andrews Volunteer Fire Dept and Huntington County Technical Rescue Team.

Andrew Laymon being sworn in by

Julie Shearer

Jason Meier

Jason is a 21 year Firefighter and the training coordinator. Jason is a second generation Firefighter following in his father’s footsteps. His father Ron retired as an Assistant Chief from the Huntington Fire September of 2006.

Jason Meier being sworn in by

Julie Shearer

Kevin Close

Kevin is a 30 year member of the Huntington Fire Dept. and has held the position of Lieutenant for 16 years. His years as an officer will be an easy transition to Assistant Chief. Kevin’s leadership style is to “lead by example”.

Kevin Close being sworn in by

Julie Shearer

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