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Huntington North 2022 Graduation Download Ordering Information

Updated: Feb 23


Congratulations on your Graduation

Greenbear Photography is again proud to be your personal historian for

your 2022 graduation.

ON OR ABOUT June 1st, we will post the album on our photo purchasing site.

The Below Link will take you to our Greenbear Photo purchase site.

{{{{{This process works best on a PC or laptop cell phones are not recommended}}}

(copy and paste the link below)

Find your graduate click on their photo and

follow the instructions in the box for the download. You will see the cost for your download is $39.00

Upon receipt the download from the Hand Off album will be emailed to you automatically and almost immediately.

Your "flag" download will be emailed to you separately along with the permission to print documentation within two business days.

These downloads are yours, you own them and may make as many photos as you wish.

Your downloads will be sized as an 8x10s and 5x7's.

If you have any questions email us at

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