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HNHS Class of 2020 Graduation Photos

Greenbear Photography is again proud to be your personal historian for

your 2020 graduation.

ON OR ABOUT May 31st or before, we will post the album on our photo purchasing site.

(click on the link)


Click on the "Hand Off" album and click on your graduates photo.

Follow the instructions in the box for the download. You will see the cost for your download is $29.00

This download from the Hand Off album will be emailed to you automatically and almost immediately.

Your Stage photo will be emailed to you separately, along with the permission to print documentation within two business days.

These downloads are yours, you own them and may make as many photos as you wish.

The Hand Off Photo will be sized as an 8x10s that you get immediately. You will also get the Back stage download in 8x10s. New this year we will also email you both both photos to downloads in 5x7 format as well at no additional cost.

You will be able to view the Back Stage shot but not download it.

If you have any questions email us at greenbear@greenbeartheden.com

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