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Greenbear The Den Remembers and says Thank You "Leroy Richard Yoder"

Leroy Richard Yoder

Leroy Richard Yoder was born on February 2, 1930, in Huntington County to Wendell Roy and Inez Marie Marshall.  He enlisted in the United States Air Force on January 3, 1951, and was sent to Scott Air Force Base in Illinois where he spent 22 weeks under General Robert W. Douglass, Jr. training as a RAD FUND.  The next eight weeks, he remained at Scott Air Force Base training as a RAD TECH.  Finally, Richard spent 12 weeks as a Radar Mechanic for the FEAF (Far East Air Force) Wide Con Tech in Korea.  The Korean War was the starting point for the Air Force as this was their first official war.  While serving in the Korean War Richard earned several medals, the Korean Service Medal – (the KS medal was given to service men who served in Korea from June 27, 1950, till July 27, 1954); the Korean Defense Service Medal – (the KDS Medal is awarded to any serviceman performed a service after July 28,1954.  He also went on to earn the National Defense Service Medal – (the NDS Medal is awarded to every member of the military who served during the following time periods: Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and the Global War on Terrorism).  Richard also earned the United Nations Defense Service Medal – (The UNDS Medal was the first medal awarded by the United Nations to servicemen who participated in the defense of South Korea.  The final medal earned by Richard is the Good Conduct Medal – (the GC Medal was awarded to servicemen who served at least three years of military service or served during a war for one year.  The Air Force did not issue their own Good Conduct Medal until sometime after the end of the Korean War ended.  So, until then, they would issue the Air Force members and Army Good Conduct Medal.  After the Korean War, Richard mustered out on November 19, 1954, with an honorable discharge with the rank of Airman 1st Class.

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