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Greenbear Photography is leaving Facebook

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Greenbear Photography is now Greenbear Digital Media.

Greenbear will no longer be on Facebook. We had two Facebook pages that were permanently disabled with no reason given and I have tried multiple time to contact them, but they have not answered back.

People tell me to sue them, but why waste the time, I figure that we can do more constructive things locally instead of playing their game.

We will, however, still be on Instagram and Twitter so our audience can still find us on social media.

Prior to Covid 19, we started The Den, our online newspaper. When Covid hit, just like everyone else, we had to make some cuts. Now we're back and better than ever before.

The Den is an online publication where we celebrate achievements. We seek out stories that are positive and we don’t play the “I gotcha” type of journalism.

With our new layout, we are planning to cover all sorts of things like shout-outs to our active military and military signings, college signing, working with groups like the Huntington JROTC. Actually, we are NOT putting limits on what we cover but plan to keep it mostly positive, constructive and localized.

Eventually, we want to do Biography’s, recognizing our first responders, “Where are they now” articles and a ton more.

The biggest change is our new website, it’s not quite ready but very close.

We have invested quite a lot in our new site and you’ll be happy to know, I will be able to do the SAME EXACT THING as we did on Facebook.

Sneak peek albums will be posted on The Den and a few photos on social media first, then the full albums will be posted on our website.

You can download photos free of charge, then share them as normal.

The only change is, you will need to sign up for a FREE membership on our website to view the complete albums and have the ability to share and download photos. We do ask for your email, but no worries about sharing your information because it stays with us. We may occasionally send out a newsletter or email with our upcoming schedule.

Greenbear has also added more photographers! Upon completion of our website, you will be introduced to them as well.

We are continuing to expand our coverage! In the past, we have heavily covered Huntington and Wells counties and now we will be covering Whitley and Adams Counties more.

On our new website, we will have separate folders for Huntington, Wells, Whitley, Adams, Jay, Wabash, Grant, Blackford and Allen Counties to make it easy to find your town.

We will be able to populate these pages with our older albums as well, so nothing is lost because of the Facebook issue.

The site should be up and running by April 2nd and now I don’t have to watch over my shoulder for Facebook to disable me again because we are in control of everything.

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Doug Hoag
Doug Hoag
Apr 27, 2023

Probably too many pictures of prayer circles and kids standing for the National Anthem. Facebook hates that stuff! 😢

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