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COVID19-Noah's Ark and Indiana Preppers

Does the Corona virus change our thinking on prepping? We talked to three area preppers to find out.

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By The Den's Mike Rice

It could be very well argued that the art of prepping has origins deeply rooted in biblical times. After all, the good book tells the tale of Noah, who, upon learning of a pending catastrophic flood, began construction on the nautical vessel that would become the sole lifeboat to mankind’s very existence.

While the undertaking of building a modern-day ark would certainly meet with the same neighborly scorn and ridicule that Noah faced, as well as a visit from your local ordinance officer, the prepping craft has seen a resurgence during recent years.

Television shows routinely detail the adventures of the architects responsible for glorious underground bunkers, impenetrable wilderness fortresses and even monstrous bug out vehicles that resemble and act like the ill-mannered offspring of a Sherman tank and a Pinto station wagon.

Chronicling the exploits of dot com billionaires and Wall Street wizards, as they strive to ward of the apocalypse, makes for good ratings, but what about those of whose paychecks are more Salisbury steak than filet mignon?

The machinist who lives next door, the guy who does the laundry at your Grandma’s retirement home and the janitor at your kid’s elementary school all have the same fears and the same instinct to survive as last year’s Power Ball winner.

What they don’t have are the financial resources to rival a small European nation or the deed to enough acreage to start one.

So, how do they prepare?

How does the average Joe or everyday Jane ready themselves for the next natural disaster, riot, EMP, economic collapse, worldwide famine, nuclear war, return of the global killing meteors, zombie apocalypse or any of the other dozens of possible cataclysmic events and their aftermath?

This week, we will be bringing you a special multi part series profiling three anonymous peppers from the Northeastern Indiana area and addressing who they are, why they do what they do and how they go about it.

Please join us on Wednesday as we chat with our first prepper, “Lewis”.

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