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Clark Joins United States Army

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Huntington North Grad follows in his Grandfathers footsteps.

Hat Tip Dani Clark

Nicolas J. Clark is a 2023 graduate from Huntington North High School who is following his dream of joining the US Army. Nick (Nicholas) grew up just outside of Huntington, Indiana in Andrews, spending most of his childhood working on cars, playing video games, or on the four wheeled “toys” in the back pasture of his family’s property.

If he wasn’t at home, he was with his grandfather, Joe Clark, who was a Vietnam War Army veteran learning many life lessons. It was a very challenging time to be drafted and many service members were disrespected. However, Grandpa Joe kept his head held high which was something admirable to Nick. “I decided to sign into the Army like my grandpa,” Nick says.

One of Nick’s favorite memories was the first time he went dove hunting with his grandpa. “I was four or five and didn’t have a shotgun yet, so I was the dog,” he says. “I enjoyed it very much just because I got to spend time with my grandpa,” he continued.

During his high school years, Nick was inspired by retired Chief Warrant Officer Two, Bobby Blair and retired Sergeant First Class Dana Lescoe to join Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) the first time he spoke with them. Even though the practices were challenging both mentally and physically, the team Nick was involved with made it to Raider Nationals in Georgia where they placed 14th in the nation. JROTC helped further solidify Nick’s decision that he wanted to join the armed forces.

Nick has had a few mentors in life which he greatly appreciated. “Keith Fritcha and Eddie Hyde have always been there for me to either just talk or give me advice on life,” Nick says. He continued, “Although I didn't realize it at the time, my grandpa Joe taught me a lot of things that are useful in life.”

Nick’s goals for the future are to hopefully have a, “heavily modified Ford Ranger.” He also hopes to open his own vehicle repair shop with a few close friends. Nick also states, “I just want to live a full life doing the things I love.”

Do you know of anyone singing to serve our country, active or reserve. Do you know someone who has served or is serving we can give a shout out to.

Contact Dani Clark or Greenbear at for more info.

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Doug Hoag
Doug Hoag
Jun 19, 2023

Thank you, young man! I hope your enlistment is both safe and rewarding.

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