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4-H-10 year member, Four year Varsity Singer and Now EMT

On the front lines of the protecting us from the COVID19 virus

Nicholas Stucky (Nick) is the son of Greg and Kathy Stucky. He is a 2017 Graduate of Huntington North.

Hailing from Warren, Nick is currently single, but is in a relationship with Breanne Morgan

Nick was part of the Varsity Singers his Freshman- Senior Years, a 10 year member of 4-H and has 3 siblings, Jessica Stucky 26, Austin Stucky 25, Logan Stucky 15

He is attending Ivy Tech for an Associates of Applied Paramedic Sciences

Quality Care Ambulance, Grant County EMS, IU Health LifeLine (Still employed at all jobs working PRN at QCA an Grant County EMS, Full Time at LifeLine)

In between school and work full time, I like to relax by simply enjoying video games in the colder months of the year, but when the sun is out and the skies are clear I enjoy taking my motorcycle on cruises and enjoying the wind on my face.

Who and/or what inspired you:

Well who inspired me in high school was Ronnie Boxell, who at the time was a Sgt. With Huntington County Sheriffs Department, and my brother who was a volunteer firefighter and first responder with warren Fire.

I decided to take the EMT class that was offered through Huntington north my senior year of high school and thought I could work as EMT for a couple of years until I turned 21 and join the Sheriff Department.

After I started working in EMS I then fell in love with it. I quickly decided to change my major from criminal justice and started working on my paramedic.

Since working in the field I have then gained several others. One who inspired me in the field was Amy Jones, a paramedic I worked with at Quality Care.

Another one who has inspired me is my paramedic instructor Jenn Knapp, who is someone I look up to with the knowledge and heart for this job.

A memory

A fun memory in working in EMS has always been going to schools or public events and talking to the little kids about what all an ambulance has! Seeing their faces light up when we turn on the emergency lights and letting them laugh and scream in excitement has always made my heart fill with joy.

With working in EMS we tend to forget that we are invited to homes, the places that are private to people. Unlike a store someone’s home isn’t usually open to the public. So, its definitely humbling to be able to have the trust from people who I am a complete stranger to them, but they let us take care of them like we have known them like an old family doctor. That’s one thing that always reminds me when morale gets low in troubling times. We do our job because its what we love, it’s our calling for most of us and we do it regardless of the struggles it gives us at times.

Special training:

I took my EMT at Huntington North High School my senior year. Currently I’m expanding my training and certification to the Paramedic level with Ivy Tech. So far, what we have learned in class has been the vast plethora of medications that are used, how they are used. As well as reading cardiac rhythm strips and how to treat certain cardiac emergencies.

A memory,

One thing that has been a cool memory was finally getting the information from cardiology, with learning rhythm strips (the crazy lines you see when the “stickers” are on your chest). I always heard that it will just click. All of us in the class were just confused on what that means and how it just all clicks together. There was just one class when we were just about done with it the information just “clicked” together and just made sense! So I understood what my co-workers medics meant by when it would just “click”.

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